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Stone Lily
Songs Of Austerity

aus·ter·i·ty: Difficult economic conditions created by government measures to reduce a budget deficit, esp. by reducing public expenditure

A bold exposure of sonic emotions and witty lyrics that skate along simple melodies, interesting arrangements and searing solos that switch styles from humor, blues, funk rock, country, bluegrass and hard rock with semi-intelligent concepts.

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This collection of songs was recorded during the month of April 2011 at Skunk Cabbage Studios in West Brookfield, MA, USA.

Stone Lily is a band that has their own signature Blues/Funk/Rock sound but always exceeds the rock and roll constraints to find musical moments in many other styles. This album will take you on a sonic journey through the Chinese Canyons of Old West USA, to the Hot Summer Highway of Georgia and Florida.

You may ask yourself... Did I just hop on a bus to Toledo with Led Zeppelin performing a Zappa song with outfits worn by the White Stripes? Did a bunch of Berklee cats just wet themselves at the notion of Pink Floyd performing country at their cousin's Bar-Mitzvah? The answer is "Yes", only of if it will help you understand and perhaps enjoy these Songs of Austerity.

Stone Lily is:
Derick Cummings - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Talk-Box
Aaron Martin - Drums, Percussion
Kris Lucander - Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Trumpet, Trombone
Mark Chenevert - Saxophone, Clarinet

Special Guests:
Brooks Milgate - Piano, Hammond Organ
Jeremy Martin - Slide Guitars
Dick Chase - Mandolin
Nicole Sutka - Flute

Music and Lyrics by Derick Cummings (Aaron Martin co-wrote lyrics to Hand Me Down)

Satisfied written by Muddy Waters

Directed and Produced by Derick Cummings

Songs Arranged by Aaron Martin, Kris Lucander, Mark Chenevert, Derick Cummings

Horn sections arranged by Mark Chenevert and Kris Lucander

Recording Engineers: Jim Sharp, James Martel, Derick Cummings, Todd Lussier

Captured Digital, Remixed Analog, Mastered Digital

Cover Artwork and Title by David Whitlam

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Special Thanks:We would like to thank our families, wives and girlfriends for putting up with the madness that goes along with being creating musicians and making these recordings. You are our inspiration!

Thank you Betty Cinq-Mars for all the support and encouragement!

Thank you Jonathan Cummings for all your hard work preparing the studio.

Thank you so much Jen!

Cover Artwork and Title by David Whitlam

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Ritchie Lynch: January 31, 1970 - December 11, 2006
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