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Derick Cummings  

Derick Cummings
Guitar, Vocals, Banjo

Date Born:

Guitar, Banjo, Bazouki, Moog, Vocals

Musical Influences:
Frank Zappa, Queen, Alvin Lee, Godley and Creme, Jimi Hendrix, Beethoven, Jerry Goldsmith, Pink Floyd, Beatles - Started playing guitar at age 12, was playing in bars with Stone Lily by age 15 and touring as a lifestyle and job by age 18.

Favorite Geographical Location on Earth:
New Zealand

Favorite Planet or Star in the Known Galaxy:

Derick Cummings - "The Energy Projectile Song writer and Mayhem Coordinator. "

Derick performs these intruments live:
Guitars, Banjo, Vocals, Mandolin, Mini Moog and Keyboards. Derick has played for the last 16 years touring around the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean with Stone Lily, Hypnotic Clambake and other bands.

Derick has produced and/or performed on many CD's, Demos and commercial products with some well known and some not so known bands and organizations.

Derick's craft and knowledge of technology (computers, sound engineering and electronics) has led to many wild and crazy stage gadgets, props and "alien like" sounds, as well as various obscure recording techniques.

Derick Cummings

Non-Musical Interests:
Jen(her 2 great kids) and Family, Multimedia and Computers

3 Artists Found in Current Playlist:
Crack the Sky, Raconteurs, Prodigy

Answer to Solving the World Energy Crisis:
Develop and Harness Magnetic Propulsion - Duh!

Past and Current Projects:
Stone Lily, The Concoction, Hill Boys, Hypnotic Clambake, Del Padre, The Wacky Factory and have produced and/or appeared on stage with or on CD/DVD with too many to mention. (The deepest Respect to all!)

Cool Band Links:
Stone Lily - The Concoction - Hypnotic Clambake - Jabooda
Gutta - Batcave Studios - Mill Street Brews

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