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2007 Stone Lily
Palmer, MA

Ritchie Lynch Memorial


Derick Cummings
Guitar, Vocals

Ritchie Lynch

Mark Chenevert
Sax, Clarinet

Kris Lucander
Bass, Vocals

Aaron Martin - Drums
Rylie Lynch - Drums
Kenwood Dennard - Drums
Dave Bell - Drums
Mark Archer - Drums
Mark Pluta - Drums
Adam Barker - Drums
Allen Hamlin - Bass
Zach Flietz - Bass
Aric Kimball - Bass
Tony Floria - Guitar
Jeremy Martin - Guitar, Vocals
Bill Crowley - Keys
Sherry Carpenter - Vocals

Stage Announcer:
Mark Perry

Live Sound Engineers:
Larry Harris and Billy Goodspeed

24 Track Mobil Recording:
Noah Glusien and Derick Cummings

Mark Archer, Jennifer Leighton,
Janel Shurrock, Allen Hamlin,
Jaclyn Stevenson, Dave Barnum

Filmed by:
Dimension TV

Camera A: Eric Glass
Camera B: Lyndsay



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Ritchie Lynch: January 31, 1970 - December 11, 2006
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